Revision History

Release #1.1 2024-03-26, RTTY FSK pin bug

Fixed RTTY FSK output problem, introduced when blending K3NG’s github source code with Mortty_v5’s tweak for TinyFSK. (KZ5A)

Release #1 2024-03-15, Mortty changes since release #0

Replaced CW speed pot, Bournes 10Kohm (5mm shaft) with 20Kohm (3.8mm shaft)
Replaced CW Speed large pressure-fit knob with smaller set-screw knob
Added .050 hex wrench to package (CW Speed knob removal)
Added miniature phillips head screwdriver to package (Sidetone volume and case screws)
Added DeoxIt CW<->RTTY switch cleaning to assembly process
Replaced round with square rubber feet to the case
Added code to check firmware version using CW Speed knob and blinking LEDs
Added code to perform firmware update using CW Speed knob without case disassembly
Fixed code that caused erratic CW speeds when configured to “Ignore CW Speed Pot”

Release #0 2024-02-01, Mortty changes since Mortty v4, 2023-09-23

Replaced 25x25x50mm split case with 25x40x50 solid body case
Added round rubber feet to the case
Replaced USB-B with USB-C conncetor
Replaced Arduino Nano 16MHz with RPi RP2040 125MHz microcontroller
Replaced 32KB RAM wirh 16MB RAM
Added CW sidetone board, speaker, volume control
Added RF chokes and bypass capacitors
Added opto-isolated and ground-independent outputs
Combined CW Keyer and TinyFSK sketches into single Mortty v5, release 0 firmware
Added rear-panel CW<->RTTY mode selector slide switch
Added Nine status LEDs – power, CW mode, RTTY mode, plus PTT/CW/FSK for Radios 1 and 2
Added discrete outputs jacks for Radio1 and Radio2
Replaced tin with gold-plated 3 pin Sidetone board connectors (2/3 through release 0)

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