Mortty CW and RTTY Keyer – international shipping

Mortty v5, release 1

$60.00 (US) Mortty v5 – international shipping

International orders for Mortty keyers do not include a shipping fee.

After receiving your order we will use this chart:
to determine the U.S. Postal Service “Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box” rate for shipping to your country.

Then send you a PayPal payment request for that exact shipping amount.

– If you pay the shipping fee, we will process your order and ship your package
– If you do not pay the shipping fee, we will refund your entire purchase price

IMPORTANT: Customs and Harmonization Codes

Recent changes in international shipping laws require that Harmonization Codes be included on all international shipping labels. In some cases including the correct code reduces or even eliminates any import fees for Ham Radio / Computer Accessory products. If you are aware of a Harmonization Code for your country that you would like us to use, please send an email to K8UT Larry at <hiscallsign>

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